Hallo, wir sind handle with care aus Berlin und stellen seit 1998
analoge und digitale Tonträger wie Schallplatten, CDs und DVDs her.
Seit 2010 bieten wir auch Alles aus dem Bereich Merchandise an.Hi! We are handle with care from Berlin and we have been producing
analogue and digital sound carriers such as records, CDs and DVDs since 1998.
Since 2010, we have also been offering all kinds of merchandising items.Bonjour, nous sommes handle with care de Berlin. Depuis 1998, nous fabriquons des porteuses son analogiques et numériques comme des CDs, des DVDs et des disques vinyles. Depuis 2010 nous offrons aussi tous les articles promotionnels.ハンドル・ウィズ・ケアです。1998年から、レコード、CD、DVDなどのアナログとデジタルの録音媒体を製造しています。 2010年から、グッズも提供しています。

Mastering – It’s all about music


Mastering is like the last cut in a diamond. We help you put the sound on the right track.


No matter what our clients require in the field of merchandising, we've got it and offer ideal products at the best price.


Vinyl, CD or DVD. Production, manufactoring and package

We love music- whether on vinyl, CD or DVD. Production, manufacturing and packaging are just a part of the services we offer.

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handle with care

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Tel: +49 (0)30 400 430 - 0
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info@handlewithcare.deTel: +49 (0)30 400 430 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)30 400 430 - 10
info@handlewithcare.deTel: +49 (0)30 400 430 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)30 400 430 - 10
info@handlewithcare.deTel: +49 (0)30 400 430 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)30 400 430 - 10

Our Office in Sweden.Our Office in Sweden.Notre office en Suède.スウェーデンのオフィス


We are handle with care and we offer our full manufacturing service of CD, DVD and vinyl to more than 650 international labels, sales departments or film producers and industry branches. From the idea into the box, you’ve got everything from one source!

Producing CD, DVD, Vinyl and merchandise. Everything from one source.

On the right disc

It’s already difficult enough to compose the next summer smash hit. The secret of success always remains the same: everybody does what he knows best. That’s why we advise our clients individually and competently, starting from the choice of the right medium to choice of the right press.

In colour, form and with flavour

Even though we don’t perform cosmetic surgery, we can still give a new face to the good old record, the classic CD or the modern DVD. Colours, individual forms and special flavours make DVDs, CDs and vinyl records one of a kind.

In the most beautiful packaging

Apart from coconuts, the packaging can say a lot. We like to help customers make a choice so that in the end, every work of art shines as bright as the presents under the Christmas tree. We offer every possible kind of packaging, be it practical and classic, or innovative and unique. We get it done!

International service

More than 650 labels and sales departments, both international and from Germany, already profit from our service. For more than 12 years, producers, artists, DJs and bands have chosen our team. We speak and understand everything!

Competence and experience

The know-how of more than 12 years of experience has made one of the best in catering to the individual needs into great products. Together with our partners, we even carry out the most demanding orders in a fast and reliable way to get the best result: satisfied clients.


We also use quick and efficient ways of coordination whilst still maintaining the professional standards that a client expects. This therefore enables us to offer perfect quality and top conditions too. There are no prices on our website because the client’s request will be discussed first to find the best solution.